The World of Malifaux

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Through the Breach takes place in the world of Malifaux, where steam power collides with magic, monsters, and the wild west. The world of Malifaux is adjacent to Earth, and a portal known as the Breach allows free passage between the two worlds. Those arriving through the Breach will find the Gothic city of Malifaux waiting for them, and this city serves as the backdrop to many of the adventures that take place in Through the Breach. The world is larger than just the city, however, and players might also explore the rolling Northern Hills and its many mining towns, the fetid and swampy Bayou, or even the desolate Badlands.


Malifaux City

Is divided into Zones
Has many Points of Interest

Malifaux City Zones

Industrial Zone
New Construction Zone (NCZ)
Quarantine Zones
Little Kingdom
Howling Slums
The Burns
Southern Slums
Fortune Falls
Edgepoint Station
The Bayou
The Sewers
The Docks

Points of Interest

1 The Breach
2 Malifaux Station
3 The Hanging Tree
4 Governor General’s Mansion
5 Guild Enclave
6 The Star Theater
7 Malifaux Record Office
8 Industry Station
9 Captivating Salvage and Logistics
10 McMourning’s Hidden Labs
11 Freikcorps Headquarters
12 The Plagued Pit
13 Katanaka Trading House
14 The Qi and Gong
15 Succubus Cafe
16 The Ruined Observatory
17 Malifaux Exploration Society
18 Starlight Saloon
19 Southgate Station

The World of Malifaux

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