inSights - into Malifaux

Malifaux Record - The Fourth Trial
Just Brilliant!


  • 2SS Investigate the Guild Payroll
  • Find the Iron Zombie Master
  • Murder Gone Wrong, Robbery Gone Right
  • Expose the Necromancy Blue-Eyed_Cat_-_Laser_and_Glow.jpg
  • Kill that Black Cat
  • Kidnap a Noble Person
  • Investigate the Zombie Queen
  • Beneficial Alchemical Component
  • Volatile Alchemical Components
Carving Night

Rustle, rustle and snickity snack,
The Carver strikes once and then strikes back.
Slice, dice and guts a-twist,
The Carver cannot be stopped. Not by kick or fist.
Rustle, rustle and snickity snack,
The Carver strikes once and then strikes back.
Tremble, quiver, and try to hide,
The Carver will find you. Your escape, denied.
Rustle, rustle and snickity snack,
The Carver strikes once and then strikes back.

Malifaux Record Sept/Oct
Drink The Water


Iron Zombies Attack Edge Point Station

EDGEPOINT STATION: A train has been derailed by Iron Zombies at Edge Point Station. The damage to the station has paralysed the southern rail network, which will be out of operation until the Union’s Rail Crews are able to secure the appropriate materials to affect the repairs. Materials have been delayed due to the river being too low to support boat traffic. The Guild is offering it’s support in order to get the southern networks back on line, but has stated that key pieces of evidence have been removed from the scene.


Governor’s Proxy Robbed

MALIFAUX STATION: A seriously theft has occurred from the Governor’s Proxy on the midday train through the breach. The heinous robbery has caused delays in the issuing of many licences and bounties. In order to reinstate these services, individuals are encouraged to come forward with any further information. Rewards cannot be offered at this time, but will be looked upon favourably. See the Bounties section on p.5 for further details.

Arrest of Infiltrator

MALIFAUX STATION Individuals presenting as officials have been taking advantage of new travellers through the Breach. As such, there will be extra guards available to welcome visitors, and at Malifaux station. Extra check points have been set up for your convenience, and you are encouraged to report all suspicious activity to your local warden. Individuals are reminded that impersonating a Guild Official is a serious offence, punishable by hanging and then being set on fire.

M&SU’s Rising Star Dead

RIVER: Promising engineer Janey Dougherty was found floating in the Malifaux river. She was believed to be attacked from behind with a blunt object. Her body was returned to the M&SU Head Quarters under extremely suspicious circumstances.


  • Rural News – Water Shortage Declared
  • Entertainment – Nothing
  • Obituaries – Rising Star of the M&SU p2
  • Bounties – Firey Terror Stalks Sewers p3
  • Equipment – Peacemaker Shootout p5
  • Rewards – Aethervox Transmissions p.7

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